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Developer: TOSSAGAME S.R.L.S. - Biella ITALY
Release date:
Platforms: Android/IOs
Website: www.tossagame.com
Price: Free to Play
Social: https://www.facebook.com/Marquee-Park-132201910782641/


An adventure in the eccentric and enigmatic world of circus: what’s hiding behind the various and coloured marquees? Fire eaters, beardy woman, geniuses, clowns and mysterious creatures who will not make life easy for our Hero: a courageous mouse in shining armour!

In each marquee our Hero has to face intricate patterns. The challenge consists in reaching the exit with the minimum possible number of moves. But it’s not as easy as it seems: each circus performer demands a tribute, to let you gain access to the following pattern and get closer to the next marquee. Therefore, our Hero has to find the perfect compromise between a fast track and a path allowing him to collect the buttons, the exchange currency all circus performers yearn for. Many obstacles are on the way, but our Hero will also find precious surprises which will turn out to be priceless aces in the hole. So, sharpen your wits and arm yourself with courage, the show is about to begin!


June 2016 A new idea for a gameplay was born. It comes to life in its first paper implementation.

September 2016 Creation of the game’s first version with Unity, a powerful engine for videogames programming and development.

March 2017 Graphic redesign with the help of Gioele, who shapes the game’s personal style and gives life to a new circus world as you’ve never seen it.

June 2017 Foundation of the Tossagame company with its headquarters in Biella, Italy.

September 2017 Launch of MarqueePark’s alpha version. Join the circus and have fun with us!


Levels: 5 circus performers to face and 50 schemes to solve, to which 50 new schemes will be added shortly in order to make the challenge ever more exciting. In addition to the schemes, each level includes an Oneiric Level: in order to play it, you have to unlock the oneiric level (marked by a green icon) in each scheme of the normal level by collecting a certain amount of points in addition to the ones you need to unlock the exit, but every effort will be paid back. As a matter of fact the Oneiric Level is the only level in which you can collect rewards and special moves that really make a difference in critical times.
Moves: each scheme has to be completed within a certain amount of moves. If you fail, game over! Rapidity and cleverness are the basic qualities to work it out. The Hero loses a life point any time you incur a game over, while the amount of residual moves you have once having completed the scheme will be added to the amount of points you scored by collecting buttons and food in the scheme.
Walls: the schemes are never steady, due to the walls’ constant movement which bars the track or opens new paths. Keep an eye on them!
Gates: gates don’t move nor open unless you press some special coloured tiles. Catch them and… Abracadabra!


Cat: your worst enemy. Run away!
Oil stains: keep clear from them, they slow you down.
Ramps: climb on the ramps to reach the other side in just one move and shorten your way. Caution: ramps are always one way, once you climbed them you can’t go back in the opposite direction.
Black hole: at your own risk. Black holes are teleports, but you never know where you’ll end up.




Tossagame was born to remind us that we are never too grown up to stop playing. Videogames creation is our way to stay young, not losing that magic sensation you feel when you are involved in a game. Playing videogames is our way to have fun, without thinking of all those issues that make life dull and grey.

MarqueePark, with its colours, its exciting world of circus, its challenges and its little hero, is our way to reconnect us to our inner game dimension, a place where fun has no age nor end.


Norman: Game designer

Gabriele: Developer

Gioele: Graphic Designer

Bianca: Copy Writer


Email: support@tossagame.com